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Residential Solar 


Why Bright Home Solutions?

Bright Home Solutions is a nationwide solar installer with headquarters in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We are an affordable solar installer with years of experience that we put to work for you. Master electricians build and design our systems, and structural and electrical engineers are involved from the first step to the finished install to help design the solar energy system that works for you and your budget, for homes across the United States. Our experience for installing solar has had a particular impact for the Hispanic Community, and we pride ourselves on bringing clean solar energy to all communities, saving millions of dollars for our customers thus far.


A Bright Home Solutions consultation provides an honest assessment of which solar system is best for you. Unfortunately, not every home qualifies for solar. If the deal does not benefit you, we will simply let you know!


At Bright Home Solutions, we hold ourselves accountable for the comfort and safety of your family. While our certified installers protect your roof, a 25-year warranty ensures that your solar system serves your family for decades.


As innovation develops the technology of solar systems, your home can receive more convenient and cost-effective energy. Bright Home Solutions continues to research and represent the front runners in these advancements.

Steps to go solar

Analyze your electric bill

We will build a system based on your current usage to calculate the amount of kW needed to cover your home's usage. At Bright Home Solutions, Inc. We will build the system how you want it! 

Customize a plan for your home

Are you looking to own your system? Are you looking to see if you qualify for the no-cost solar program? We have you covered! We have partnered with the finance teams that make solar right for you. 

Install Solar Panels

Our team of master electricians will install solar panels according to our custom plan set. We use certified structural & electrical engineers for the safest, and most productive system. We have years of knowledge and experience, so you can have peace of mind for the lifetime of your system.

Receive Benefits & Incentives of Your New System

Peace of mind in bumper to bumper warranty coverage. You receive your solar tax incentives (ITC), plus other solar incentives from your state. Watch how much money you save!

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