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Can Rooftop Solar Pay for Itself in Massachusetts?

Going solar is an investment in your home that actually starts paying you back from the first second you start using it. That’s a better return on investment already than most home improvements. Because when you go solar, you start generating your own clean energy at a cost that’s less than your paying right now.

When considering how soon you’ll see a return on investment with solar, it’s important to consider these three key things.

Compare what you’re paying for energy right now to your potential monthly cost

Going off your current electric bill, write down what you’re paying for energy and get an idea of your average costs. With rooftop solar, less of your energy comes from your electric utility, since your rooftop is generating clean solar energy your home can use right away.

Think about who is going to be installing your solar panels

A quality install and quality products can go a long way to maximizing your home’s energy generation. This is an investment you want to last at least the 25-year life expectancy of your system. How well your solar is installed can even have an effect on how efficient the panels are at converting the sun’s energy.

Calculate how solar can raise your property value

More and more these days homebuyers are looking for sustainable, environmentally friendly homes. Having a solar energy system immediately adds value to your home, and can be a great point of leverage if you want to sell your home before the system has reached the end of its 25-year lifespan.

So, is going solar worth it?

Investing in your home with rooftop solar is an investment that pays you back today and for decades to come. If you like clean, affordable energy that you own—solar is the way to go. Reduce your dependence on the grid and generate your own clean renewable energy with solar. Get a quote today and see how going solar can save you energy and money every month.


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