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$0 Down: Solar Loan

One important difference between solar panel loans and other home improvement loans: a solar panel loan allows you to own an asset that generates significant financial value. 

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Is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Right for You?

$0 Down: Power Purchase Agreement

What Is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

-Turnkey solar energy solution that requires no financing or loan. The homeowner does not carry any credit balance with a PPA.

-Homeowner is not responsible for the maintenance of the solar panels.

-The homeowner locks in a consistent monthly rate by purchasing energy from their solar panels at a cheaper rate than the utility.

-The customer rates are pre-determined based on system size, shading, and roof azimuth. The customer will have a fair consistent payment lower than their usual bill.

-The customer will not pay another energy bill from their utility if the solar offset is 100%. 

-The customer is able to replace their roof with a PPA for $0 down. The new roof and solar will be a combined monthly payment lower than your normal utility bill

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