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Premier Home Solar Designs 

Our professional solar panel installation is done by engineers & master electricians. Get the job done by industry experts

See what solar looks like on your home!

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The United States in 2021 has passed 2 million residential, commercial and utility-scale solar installations. That’s enough energy to power more than 12 million homes, totalling more than 70 gigawatts of clean solar energy. All of this is helping to offset the use of harmful energy sources and reduce the carbon footprint for the whole country.

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State of the Art Solar Technology

Part of the move towards saving with solar is due to the advancements in solar panel efficiency. Today, you can generate more clean energy with fewer panels. Solar panel options such as the REC AA series and Hanwah Q Cell panels are an affordable option for maximizing your solar generation per square foot.

In the end, a solar installation is as good as the materials installed. At Bright Home Solutions, we stand behind all equipment we install. Everything we use is the safest and highest performing equipment in the industry. 


Immediate Savings & Return on investment

Savings from day one... Peace of mind for life.

Residential solar is more than immediate savings. It’s an investment in your home that will reflect in an increase of property values where solar is already installed—by an average of $20,000. With more home buyers focusing an eye on sustainable living, solar gets you one step closer to that sealed deal and higher asking price.


Professional Solar Design

& Engineering 

Sleek, low-profile solar designs that produce exactly what you need to lower/ eliminate your energy bill.

Our solar panel options include clean designs in all black, ready to withstand all kinds of weather and that weigh less than shingles. To enhance the look of your installation, aesthetic pieces such as solar panel skirts can further create the seamless look for your roof while maximizing your solar generation.

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Energy Storage

& Power Backup: Residential Solar  

A selection of the best storage systems in the industry

Residential solar is at its prime and you can lock in the rate you pay for energy by going solar today. With available solar panel and battery storage incentives and rebates available, there has never been a better time to go solar and keep costs down. Today you can monitor your solar usage and production, and when you add battery storage to your system, this becomes even more of a benefit. Some systems put your rooftop panels’ output in your pocket, with apps that track your usage and power generation as well as optimize your solar battery storage so that you always have the energy you need when you need it most.

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