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Solar + Roof



Whats the benefit of the Solar + Roof package?

Its cheaper of course! When your roof has seen better days, the best move is typically going to involve replacing your roof & that is perfectly normal. Because of the work we do on roofs, it is a given that our roofing costs are lower than the average roofing contractor- while being the highest quality. 

See what solar looks like on your home!

PNG-Transparent (5).png

We take pride in the ability to provide some of the most affordable, quality roofing solutions around. We’re able to offer prices lower than most companies with an exclusive partnership with a local experienced Boston, Massachusetts roofing company. This partnership means our prices come in under $150 LESS per roofing square than the average Boston-based company. Customers are always satisfied with the work our partners provide, with a large selection of shingles and manufacturers to fit every look and every budget.

The ULTIMATE Home Improvement Package 

Bright Home Solutions stands behind our partners—so much so that we have even PAID towards more than 100 of our customers’ roofs to ensure 100% satisfaction. That’s right—we have paid for people’s roofs! Last year we put over $150,000 into our customers’ homes because we believe that a positive experience is the best possible outcome for all of us. We will always do what it takes to make sure your installation and your roof are done safely and securely

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