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Exploring the Parts and Workings of a Solar Energy System

Turning the sun from Massachusetts’ 197 sunny days into clean energy your home can use 365 takes 5 key elements. Spring, summer, fall and even winter can generate more than enough clean solar energy to power your home.

These are the key elements of your solar energy system and how they work together to bring you clean, affordable solar energy.

Your Solar Panels

Both monocrystalline (mono) and polycrystalline (poly) solar panels are typically used in rooftop residential and commercial solar installations. Both grab the sun’s rays, capture it, send it to the inverter that turns it into electricity for your home. Both are made from durable silicon and made to withstand wind, rain, snow, heat and cold. The most visible difference is that mono panels have a black, shiny appearance, while poly appear bright blue.

The Heart of Your System: The Solar Inverter

Your solar inverter takes the direct current generated by the solar panels converts it to alternating current that runs in our homes. The type of solar inverter you choose may depend on your choice of panels. They all work together!

Your Roof!

Of course, there would be no panels without a roof to put them on. A solar technician or engineer will assess your roof, its condition and choose the appropriate anchors to install your solar energy system.

Solar Battery Storage

We do have a few less-than-sunny days in Massachusetts, and that’s when solar battery storage comes in handy. It also serves as a backup for when the grid has an outage due to weather or equipment failure.

And Don’t Forget—The Warranty

Your solar energy system will have a lifespan of 25 years, so your product warranties matter. Many manufacturers or installers will provide warranties or limited warranties on some of all of the parts of your solar energy system. Be sure to get to know the general limitations and benefits of all warranties.

Go Solar Today

Going solar is a great way to gain independence from the local electric company, and protect yourself from the rising costs of traditional energy. Rooftop solar is clean renewable energy, and with the right financing, it can even pay for itself in the first seven years. Get a quote today and see how you can save with solar.

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