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Getting a Quote for Solar: What to Know Going In

Every solar energy system installation is different. Depending on your needs, how your home is situated, and how much energy you think you’ll need, you will get a custom quote that can help you determine if solar is right for you.

Check Your Current Energy Use

Your current electric bill will breakdown how your home uses energy. Take note of what your average monthly bill is. When you go solar, the average monthly payment for financing is often less than what you’re paying in energy right now. Affordable low interest and even zero down financing deals are available, and when you’ve paid it off, your energy bill could be eliminated completely.

Getting a Quote

The most accurate quotes will often involve an on-site visit, although remote assessments can also occur. An experienced eye can best assess your position towards the sun, your roof condition and available space, and get details from you on your energy needs—current and future. Think about how your energy use could change over the years to come and discuss any battery storage options you may want for backup.

A rooftop solar quote will include both the installation and equipment—solar panels, the inverter, and solar batteries. You’ll be able to see the overall cost of the system and your expected output, which will meet your needs. Every customer and installation is unique, designed to maximize your solar energy generation and your savings.

Net Metering

Talk with your solar energy representative about net metering options and how you can generate excess energy that you can sell back to the electric companies. This can help you get credits on your bill that reduce the overall costs of going solar.

Start Saving Today

Get a quote today and see how easy it can be to start generating clean energy – and big savings – with solar.

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