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Saving Your Solar (and Your Money) for a Rainy Day with Battery Storage

Going solar for your home offers you the freedom of generating energy that you own and only you control. It’s clean, renewable, and in most cases, more affordable than your monthly energy bill. Rooftop solar is flexible, too. You can power as much or as little of your home as you like with your solar panels. But to get the most out of your rooftop solar, battery storage is your key to becoming fully energy independent and even cashing in on special Massachusetts clean energy incentives.

Battery Storage for Clean Energy: Rain, Shine and Power Outages

With battery storage incorporated in your solar energy system, you don’t have to rely on the sun to be shining to turn on your lights. When your solar panels generate more energy than your home can use during sunny days, that excess solar energy is stored in your batteries so you can tap into it whenever you need, including during a grid outage. Think of your solar energy battery storage as your insurance against power outages from both weather-related causes and equipment failures.

Battery Storage Can Even Earn You Money

In Massachusetts, the Connected Solutions incentive helps solar battery storage owners earn money by selling stored energy back to the grid at times when energy is in high demand. This can help the grid avoid becoming overwhelmed during peak usage times. Battery owners enrolled in the program can expect $225 per kilowatt during the summer and $50 per kilowatt during the winter. For homeowners and business owners, the Connected Solutions incentive can help you bring in money just by having your battery storage and enrolling in the program.

The Best Solar Battery Options

We can connect you with solar battery energy storage solutions from the top battery providers, like Generac PWRcell and the Tesla Powerwall. Adding battery storage to your solar energy system can give you the energy independence you’re looking for and reliable, affordable energy that helps your home weather any storm.


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